Moon Yacht  is a completely new quality in the world of catamarans. Our inspiration was the moon and its amazing power. Its positive energy affects everyone and triggered a new idea in us.

Our project is a response to the growing customer demand for spacious and specially personalized lifestyle units. We want to provide great comfort and uniqueness.

Moon Yacht units  are not only unique luxury.

The bold and innovative architectural concept of the superstructure made it possible to level the levels of the salon and the main deck. As a result, the largest sun deck in its class was created.

Moon Yacht  catamarans  offer guests great conditions for relaxation. Such a two-hull will be perfect for seas and oceans. The combination of modern style with the concept of a traditional sailing boat guarantees unprecedented comfort.

Our unit is made of the highest quality materials.

Elegance is ensured by the bulwark trim with exclusive teak wood. Thanks to this, the catamaran has a timeless character, and the new connector concept and the elongated line of the superstructure give it a unique level of comfort.

Moon Yacht  is a cosmic quality at a very attractive price.